Cambridge University Pool Club

University Singles Ladder 2010/2011

The university singles ladder is one of the main tools for varsity selection, as the CUPC President simply doesn't exist! Invitations to trials for the varsity squad will partly be given out based on results on the ladder throughout the year. Anyone is welcome to join the ladder, just log in and join below or email the ladder secretary.

Players occupying the TOP THREE places (highlighted on the ladder below) when the deadline for varsity selection is reached, will automatically qualify for the Varsity team.

Players on ROW THREE automatically qualify for the Varsity Trial.

When the CU Masters is held each year, players in the top 10 positions at the time (i.e. rungs 1, 2, 3, 4) will automatically qualify, with the other 6 spaces in that competition going to wildcard entries.

Current Positions

This is an archived copy of the ladder. To view the current ladder click here

Drew Miley
Paul Thomas
Tom Harbour
Paul Bradwell
Hugh Lund
James "Posh and" Palmer
John McGill
Mike Judge
Tom Sutton
David Saul
Luke Bennett
James Murray
David Gibney
Nedal Ramahi
Steven Herbert
Ravinder Athwal
Anthony Khawaja
Chris Woodhouse
Dan Jones
Vin Shen Ban
Craig Nunes
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Nicolas Nouvel
Mark Hoggard
Rik O'Connor
Chris Bryant
James Folliard
James Ross
Matt Scott
Oliver Tatton-Brown
Julian Esposito
Mike Coldwell
Paul Carter
Pepijn Kole
Matty McNally
Mark Golden
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Jason Russell
Alex Makhort
Ben Lewis
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Glenn Harris
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Tom Place
Emma Pewsey
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Ashley Chadwick
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Andrew Hayward
Abhishek Kumar
Chris Powell

Ladder Stats

Click here to uncover detailed head-to-head statistics from every year since 2004!

Rules of the Ladder

  1. You may challenge any player up to 2 levels above you. If your challenge is successful then you and the other player will swap places directly on the ladder. If you are on the top 5 rows you may only challenge a player who is 1 row above you.
  2. All challenges must be answered within 5 term days and played within 10 term days from the date the original challenge was made or a walkover could be given.
  3. A match should be played over at least 5 frames (first to 3), challenges to the top 4 rungs must be over at least 9 frames (first to 5).
  4. You may not make or agree to play challenges while you have a challenge outstanding.
  5. You are not officially involved in a challenge with someone above you until they contact you confirming your challenge. (This is not a license to ignore challenges). If whilst waiting for a reply you receive a challenge from below then you should reply and the original challenge becomes void.
  6. Any suspected foul play when it comes to accepting and making challenges should be reported to the League Secretary immediately who will ask to see the relevant emails. Punishment is at his discretion, continued abuse may result in removal from the ladder and/or exclusion from varsity.
  7. If an agreement cannot be reached about choice of venue or table then the person who is highest on the ladder has the final say.
  8. There must be at least a 1 week wait after losing a match before the player that beat you is obliged to grant you a rematch (they can if they wish).
  9. All matches are to be played to World Rules.
  10. Any player who fails to show up within 30 minutes of the agreed time shall forfeit the match.
  11. Claims for a walkover must be made by at most 3 days after the 10 day time limit for playing matches has expired.


Name P W L F A Pts Drew Miley 5-2 David Gibney
Oliver Tatton-Brown 4-0 Rik O'Connor
Vin Shen Ban 6-1 Craig Nunes
Jon Nelson 4-7 Drew Miley
tg285 4-5 Mark Hoggard (W/O)
James Folliard 4-3 Rik O'Connor
Vin Shen Ban 3-6 Jon Nelson
Drew Miley 7-3 Craig Nunes
Chris Woodhouse 1-2 Mark Hoggard (Friendly)
Mike Judge 5-2 Paul Bradwell
Dan Jones 5-8 Mark Hoggard
Nedal Ramahi 1-7 Jon Nelson
David Gibney 5-1 Ravinder Athwal
Steven Herbert 4-7 Tom Sutton
Oliver Tatton-Brown 4-5 James Ross
Matt Scott 1-7 Craig Nunes
David Gibney 1-3 Ravinder Athwal
Ravinder Athwal 4-5 David Gibney
John McGill 6-7 Drew Miley
Emma Pewsey 2-5 Rik O'Connor
David Gibney 5-2 Ravinder Athwal
Drew Miley 14-10 Craig Nunes (Friendly)
Nedal Ramahi 4-5 Paul Bradwell (W/O)
David Gibney 3-4 Ravinder Athwal
David Gibney 6-1 Chris Woodhouse
Drew Miley 7-6 Paul Bradwell
David Saul 10-5 Craig Nunes
Matt Scott 4-5 Anthony Khawaja (W/O)
Paul Bradwell 6-7 Tom Sutton
Paul Thomas 7-4 Jon Nelson
Hugh Lund 7-4 Drew Miley
Mike Judge 7-5 Craig Nunes
Drew Miley 7-2 Tom Sutton
Drew Miley 2-5 Tom Sutton (Friendly)
Jon Nelson 5-10 David Saul
Tom Sutton 7-0 James Ross (Friendly)
Tom Sutton 7-6 Craig Nunes
David Saul 10-6 Craig Nunes (Friendly)
Paul Thomas 7-4 David Saul
Jon Nelson 7-8 Paul Bradwell
Hugh Lund 10-4 David Saul
Paul Bradwell 7-2 Craig Nunes
Nedal Ramahi 4-5 James Ross (W/O)
Tom Sutton 7-4 Jon Nelson
Chris Woodhouse 4-1 sie20
Mark Hoggard 4-3 sie20 (Friendly)
Mark Hoggard 5-0 Chris Woodhouse
Craig Nunes 7-4 James Ross
John McGill 5-4 Anthony Khawaja
David Saul 7-10 Paul Bradwell
Jon Nelson 5-4 James Ross
Hugh Lund 2-5 Paul Bradwell
Tom Sutton 7-3 Craig Nunes
Mark Hoggard 5-4 Chris Woodhouse
Mark Hoggard 5-1 sie20 (Friendly)
Chris Woodhouse 5-3 sie20
Paul Thomas 7-5 Drew Miley
David Saul 10-1 Craig Nunes
Mark Hoggard 0-3 Chris Woodhouse (Friendly)
Mark Hoggard 11-3 sie20 (Friendly)
Craig Nunes 7-4 James Ross (Friendly)
Craig Nunes 5-4 James Ross (Friendly)
Dan Jones 7-1 sie20
Mark Hoggard 8-3 Chris Woodhouse
John McGill 6-2 Mark Hoggard
Tom Sutton 4-7 Drew Miley (Friendly)
Tom Harbour 7-5 Paul Bradwell
David Gibney 12-11 Chris Woodhouse
Craig Nunes 7-5 Nedal Ramahi
Mark Hoggard 8-2 Chris Woodhouse (Friendly)
gw326 1-5 Chris Woodhouse
Mark Hoggard 5-10 David Gibney
David Gibney 5-0 Chris Woodhouse (Friendly)
Craig Nunes 7-4 Mark Hoggard
Nicolas Nouvel 4-5 James Murray (W/O)
Paul Bradwell 7-3 Tom Sutton
Tom Sutton 40-50 Jon Nelson (Friendly)
Paul Bradwell 4-7 Drew Miley
Mark Hoggard 5-3 Dan Jones
Dan Jones 5-4 Pepijn Kole
Mark Hoggard 6-2 sie20 (Friendly)
Mark Hoggard 7-6 Dan Jones
Paul Bradwell 7-5 Craig Nunes
Tom Harbour 8-9 Drew Miley
Drew Miley 4-9 Paul Thomas
Tom Sutton 5-2 Jon Nelson
Mark Hoggard 5-6 sie20 (Friendly)
Tom Sutton 7-2 Craig Nunes
Tom Sutton 5-4 Tom Place (Friendly)
James "Posh and" Palmer 5-4 Tom Place (W/O)
Jon Nelson 3-7 Steven Herbert
Dan Jones 9-10 sie20 (Friendly)
Drew Miley 9-6 Tom Sutton
Mark Hoggard 20-21 Dan Jones
James Ross 0-7 James "Posh and" Palmer
Craig Nunes 4-8 James "Posh and" Palmer
Steven Herbert 7-4 James Ross
Tom Sutton 5-10 James "Posh and" Palmer
Paul Thomas 5-9 Drew Miley
Drew Miley 7-5 Tom Sutton (Friendly)
Dan Jones 17-15 Mark Hoggard
Mark Hoggard 11-1 sie20
Mark Hoggard 5-2 sie20 (Friendly)
Emma Pewsey 3-5 Pepijn Kole
James "Posh and" Palmer 15-10 Hugh Lund (Friendly)
Mark Hoggard22157146110102
Drew Miley171341179389
David Gibney1073543653
Tom Sutton1710712913052
James "Posh and" Palmer550452345
Paul Bradwell1275726344
Paul Thomas541352629
David Saul743554428
Dan Jones844737022
Mike Judge22012715
Steven Herbert321181414
John McGill321171314
Jon Nelson (removed)1147979912
Hugh Lund422292810
Oliver Tatton-Brown211858
Vin Shen Ban211977
Tom Harbour21115146
Pepijn Kole211986
James Murray110546
James Folliard110436
Ravinder Athwal52314195
Anthony Khawaja211995
Chris Woodhouse124839564
Rik O'Connor3128103
Andrew Hayward000000
Abhishek Kumar000000
Alex Makhort000000
Ashley Chadwick000000
Ben Lewis000000
Chris Bryant000000
Chris Powell000000
Glenn Harris000000
Jason Russell000000
Julian Esposito000000
Luke Bennett000000
Mark Golden000000
Matty McNally000000
Mike Coldwell000000
Paul Carter000000
tg285 (removed)10145-1
Nicolas Nouvel10145-1
Tom Place202810-2
Craig Nunes1961393129-3
Emma Pewsey202510-5
Matt Scott202512-6
James Ross9273053-9
Nedal Ramahi4041424-9
Scoring system
  1. 5 points are given for a win, 0 points for a loss
  2. In addition at most +5 or -5 points are given for frame difference.
  3. Walkovers are given as a 5-4 victory.