Cambridge University Pool Club

Venues in Cambridge

Listed below are the most popular venues for snooker, 8-ball and 9-ball pool in Cambridge. If you know of a venue that you would like to see listed here, please email the webmaster.

College Pool Tables

Bars, JCRs etc.

Most colleges have a pool table hidden away somewhere. We at CUPC have complied a handy guide to the whats and wheres of college tables. Look out for your college!

Cambridge Snooker Centre

Coldhams Road, Cambridge, CB1 3EW

Also known as the CSC, this is the largest and most popular venue in Cambridge, and the home venue for the University pool teams. The club boasts 14 8-ball Supreme tables in very good condition, and sixteen full-size snooker tables. A University ID card automatically qualifies you as a member; the only downside of this venue is the location. Anyone without a bike may find the 20-30min walk from the centre of town to be too much, in which case sharing a taxi with friends might be the best option!

Newnham Croft Sports & Social Club

Hardwick Street, Cambridge, CB3 9JA

Has a bar, four league standard snooker tables and a pool table. Since it's cheap and close to Robinson, it's the place of choice for some of university's best snooker players.

Rathmore Club

70 Cherry Hinton Road, Cambridge, CB1 7AA

Like CSC, this may be a bit far out of town for the less adventurous student, though it is located just a few hundred metres from the leisure park on Hills Road- get the 1,3, Uni4, 7 or 8 buses. More of a pub than a pool club, the Rathmore nonetheless boasts three Supreme 8-ball tables in excellent condition, undoubtedly the best tables in Cambridge.

WT's Snooker and Sporting Club

39B Burleigh St, Cambridge, CB1 1DJ

The most central of the snooker and pool clubs in Cambridge, WT's is located near the Grafton Centre, just off East Road. Although the tables are not kept to as high a standard as those at CSC or the Rathmore, the location and availability of 4-pint pitchers makes it a popular venue for many students. There are 11 snooker tables and 7 american pool tables, but only two 8-ball tables, in less than perfect condition. The place to go if you want to practice alongside some top professional snooker players...

New Chesterton Institute

Holland Street, Cambridge, CB4 3DL

Reasonably close to the centre of Cambridge, the NCI club has four league standard snooker tables, two pool tables, table tennis tables, and a bar.

University Sports and Social Club

Mill Lane, Cambridge, CB2 1RX

The USSC can be used by any holder of a university ID card, though you may sign in a limited number of guests from outside the University. There is a single pool table in the bar area, and a snooker room with two tables in good condition that cost just 1.50 per hour! The staff are friendly, the food is good, and the central location could make this an ideal venue for university singles ladder matches.