Cambridge University Pool Club

The CUPC Snooker Open 2012 v2.0

The second CUPC Snooker Open was held at CSC on Sunday October 21st 2012.

Though only five players turned up, they were all of the highest quality- with 3 recording numerous breaks above 20. Sadly, the eventual runner-up James Palmer was not amongst them.

The tournament itself was won by Rob Hogan, who dropped only 3 frames on his way to victory and also had high break of the day with 48!

Group Stage

The tournament began with a group stage involving matches played over two frames, with a final to be played between the top two competitors.

James P Rob Drew Will James R
James Palmer   1 1 2 2
Rob Hogan 1   2 1 2
Drew Miley 1 0   2 2
William Duncan 0 1 0   2
James Rickards 0 0 0 0  

The first match up was Rob vs James P, pitting CUPC's highest-ranked Snooker players against each other in a repeat of last-year's semi. It finished 1 all, with both players feeling the win should have been theirs. On the other table, Will announced himself on the CUPC scene with a 28 break, taking control of his match with Trinity's James Rickards. Drew then stormed into a 40-point lead against James Palmer in their first frame but could not retain the momentum and lost the second, despite a valiant attempt to get the required snooker. After this, the games settled into a healthy rhythm until Rob obliterated Drew Miley(c) 2-0, winning both frames with unassailable leads- the second 77-1, including the 48 break. Seeing this, James P found the long balls that had eluded him all day and won his last two games with ease to leave Will and Drew to contest an unofficial 3rd-place play-off in the last match of the group stage, which Drew won 2-0 with some solid break-building.


Rob Hogan 3-1 James Palmer

The final was much more of a one-sided affair than the group stage encounter, with Rob taking the first with consistent potting on the colours. This was followed by, as nerves started to show, two tense tactical frames which went one apiece. The score was 2-1. Could Palmer pull it back? Sadly not, as Hogan potted his way to victory in one of the shortest frames of the day, clocking in at just under 10 minutes. The celebrations continued long into the night!