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Welcome Back SOCIAL grinning smiley

Posted by Jenny Boland 
Welcome Back SOCIAL grinning smiley
January 12, 2007 04:38PM
What you've all been waiting for....

Hey guys! Hope you all had superb fun with the festivities & are raring to go with this wonderful new term. Start of a new year, which means time to dust off the pool cues & get back into action (for those of you not dedicated enough to be practicing every day that is). Happily, it also means us all getting together for a start-of-year shindig! You know we've all missed each other dearly these long weeks...

Due to numerous complaints about curry in the past (I can't think why, but hey) I thought this time we could head to Sthingys - that way you can get curry if you want but there's plenty of top notch alternative pub grub for anyone otherwise inclined. Plus the cheap booze is always a good thing in my books.

I therefore need to know 2 things from you:
1. Which dates you can do out of Weds 17th, Sunday 21st, Tuesday 23rd, or Weds 24th.
2. If you think Sthingys is just a bad idea & would rather do curry/go somewhere else entirely.

Overwhelm me with keenness & respond asap. There will be a suitably exciting theme, to be revealed when further details are decided.

Will be seeing you all very soon! Love & huggles,
Jenny xV
Welcome Back SOCIAL grinning smiley
January 17, 2007 01:40PM
And the answer is....

Sthingys, Wednesday 24th, 7pm, decent. !!THEME!! - Colours. Lots of them. There is a minimum requirement of 4 colours to be evident on every attendant. But then the more colours you wear, and the brighter they are, the better. A small prize will be presented to he or she who makes the best effort, and there will be substantial fines for anyone deemed to be not in the spirit of things... (There's almost always an issue deciding colours in a pool match, so for our social I'll relieve you of that dilemma - don't choose one colour but wear them all!)

I've had replies from a decent list of people but the more the merrier - I gather there has once again been some thingy-up with the email lists so please forward this to anyone pool-related who'll be interested. As it's sthingys I'm not booking a table so feel free to just turn up if you find out at the last minute that you can come, but it'd still be nice if you could email me to let me know who to expect.

It will be good fun, and yes you will look ridiculous. Top drawer.
See you all soon!
Jenny xV
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