Cambridge University Pool Club

The CU Open 2012

The 8th annual CU Open was held on Saturday, February 6th 2013(!) at the Cambridge Snooker Centre.

Entry was free as prize money was provided by a mysterious benefactor, possibly seen here...

Or just blurry Who could it be?

Nineteen entries were received, of which the following eight were seeded:

  1. Paul Thomas
  2. Hugh Lund
  3. Drew Miley
  4. Tarun Manjunath
  5. Ben Jarrett
  6. Jack Hurst
  7. Jon Nelson
  8. Emma Pewsey

Hugh Lund, losing only 7 frames on the way, came through to take the title - his second Open win.

Optimum blood-alcohol levels were reached in his semi-final win over Drew Miley before overcoming an exhausted Ben Jarrett 6-1, clearly worn out after his epic win over Paul Thomas- coming back to win 6-5 after being 5-3 down.

Hugh tucked in especially for the final The finalists, Hugh (l) and Ben (r)

More drama was to ensue afterwards as, after celebratory drinks at Queens' bar, a handle was dislodged from the trophy. There followed an increasingly bizarre chain of events, involving a bizarre rant from CUPC President, and mysterious benefactor, Rob Hogan who claimed, amongst other things, 'Trophies aren't very good at quizzes' and culminating in him attacking current captain Drew Miley by pouring lettuce and mayonnaise over his head!

He's smiling now. The culprit, R. Hogan MA.


Tom Pearson3
Kam Ting Tsoi1
Ben Jarrett (5)w/o
Bradley Wyattw/o
Rikhil Raithatha3
Alex Todd0
Dan Threlfallw/o
Charles Perez-Storeyw/o
Hugh Lund (2)w/o
Jonathan Rawlinson3
CJ Donnelly2
Tarun Manjunath (4)4
Tom Pearson0
Ben Jarrett (5)4
Bradley Wyatt0
Drew Miley (3)4
Rikhil Raithatha0
Jack Hurst (6)4
Dan Threlfall0
Jon Nelson (7)4
Charles Perez-Storey0
Hugh Lund (2)4
Jonathan Rawlinson0
Ben Jarrett (5)1
Hugh Lund (2)6


The plate competition was open to everyone who didn't make the quarter-finals of the main draw. The plate- kindly donated by Emma Pewsey- was taken by Kam Ting Tsoi, who beat James Rickards in a recreation of their Novices' final.

Kam and James The finalists, Kam and James.
Charles Perez-Storey0
James Rickards3
Emma Pewseyw/o
Rikhil Raithathaw/o
Jonathan Rawlinsonw/o
CJ Donnelly0
Kam Ting Tsoi3
Bradley Wyattw/o
Dan Threlfallw/o
Tom Pearsonw/o
Rikhil Raithatha1
Jonathan Rawlinson3
Kam Ting Tsoi3
Bradley Wyatt2
Dan Threlfallw/o
Tom Pearson
James Rickards4
Jonathan Rawlinson0
Kam Ting Tsoi4
Dan Threlfall3
James Rickards1
Kam Ting Tsoi5

Straight Pool

A straight pool tournament was run as a side event. Taken less seriously than the main tournament (by most), straight pool is all about potting balls, in any order, for a point each up to a set total. Men's Captain Drew Miley clinically disposed of his four opponents- including both finalists- on his way to securing the Straight Pool Ashtray 2013, which shall now take pride of place next to his University Challenge nameplate.

Cider doesn't pay for itself. But what did he really want?
Dan Threlfallw/o
Ben Jarrett30
Rikhil Raithatha17
Drew Miley30
Jonathan Rawlinson12
Kam Ting Tsoiw/o
Dan Threlfall23
Ben Jarrett40
Thomas Brouwer40
Kam Ting Tsoi24