Cambridge University Pool Club

The CU Masters 2012

The 2012 CU Masters was held on Sunday, March 4th at Cambridge Snooker Centre. Fifteen players turned up to compete for this prestigious trophy, and much pool was played...

Unfortunately, due to a small technical hiccup, many of the scores have been lost to history... however, a crack team of archaeologists have been at work scraping chalk and ball residue of the green baize, so as to determine the exact path the balls traveled and thus the likely scores. This didn't work, so instead all we can remember are the results of the semis and final.

Congratulations should go to Pete Atkinson, who overcame Paul Thomas 8-6 in the final to win his second CUPC trophy of the year!

Snowy wasn't allowed in the CSC The winner, Pete Atkinson, leaving after the final.


Pete Atkinson8
Paul Thomas6


A plate competition was also organised. If you have any idea what happened, please email the webmaster to let us know...