Cambridge University Pool Club

World Rules - a summary

The following is not a complete copy of the entire Rules, but is a summary of the main differences from EPA rules, and rules which most people will have played in the past. Please see the official definition of World Rules on the English Pool Association website for a complete description.
(E) Playing From Baulk
Whenever the Cue ball is played from the baulk, the centre of the White must be behind the baulk line, and not on it.
(F) The Break
(G) Legal Shot
(H) Deciding Colours
(K) Standard Fouls
All fouls are the same as existing rules with the following additions below; When you are awarded a foul, you have 2 visits, but, you CANNOT move the white or play your opponents ball or black except where rule R3 (foul snooker) comes into play.
(Q) Total Snookers
If you are snookered (you cannot play any part of any of your object balls), you may ask the referee for a total snooker to be called. This means that you still have to hit your ball, but you don't have to hit a cushion after contact with the object ball.
(R) Foul Snookers
If you go to the table after a foul has been called and you are snookered (i.e. you cannot play the finest possible cut on either side of any of your object balls), you may ask the referee for a foul snooker to be called. This means you may do one of the following;
(U) Balls Off The Table
Balls off the table are re-spotted on the black spot or as near as possible in a straight line between the spot and the Back Cushion in the follow order Black ball, Red balls, Yellow balls.
(V) Balls Falling Without Being Hit
If the black or white ball falls into a pocket without being hit, it is replaced as near as possible to its original place.
(X) Impossible Shot
If you cannot play a shot without fouling you must still play a shot. There are no re-rack situations.
(O) Push Shots
Any shot played with speed will not be deemed to be a push shot regardless of the fact that the cue tip may have come into contact with the cue ball more than once. Exceptions that are standard fouls;
If you have two shots, remember that any 1st shot used to position a ball for potting must satisfy the legal shot rule, including a ball hitting a cushion.