Cambridge University Pool Club

Cambridge University Pool Club Constitution

1. The Club shall be called the Cambridge University Pool Club.

2. The objects of the Club are to promote the playing of pool at all levels in the University.

3. i) The Committee shall consist of the President, League Secretary, Men�s Captain, Women�s Captain and Junior Treasurer. The President and Junior Treasurer shall be co-signatories of the Club bank account, with either able to sign cheques independently. The Committee may, at its discretion, co-opt additional Committee members where it perceives a need, or to fill vacancies that may arise. Guidelines are given below as to how responsibilities are divided between the separate Committee positions:


The President is ultimately responsible for the promotion of the sport of Pool within the University of Cambridge, and oversees the smooth running of the Club and the wellbeing of its members. The President adjudicates in any disputes arising within the committee, and is responsible for matters concerning the Club as a whole, including but not limited to: organization of a stall for the Club at the Fresher�s Fair at the start of each academic year, and ensuring that proper arrangements are made for the AGM in the Lent Term.

Women�s and Men�s Captains:

The Men�s and Women�s Captains have the responsibility of organizing all the Men�s and Women�s University teams respectively, for all tournaments that they might enter, including but not limited to: local leagues; BUSA; Varsity; �friendly� matches against other universities. They should arrange practice sessions for the university squads, ensure that a team is selected from available players in advance of every match, and if necessary make provisions for substitutes. Decisions regarding player selection for a team will be made solely by the Captains, though they may if they wish seek the advice of the committee, or defer to the President.

Junior Treasurer:

The Junior Treasurer is responsible for maintaining a record of the Club accounts, budgeting for the forthcoming year, setting membership subs and collecting membership and league fees. They must also keep a list of current members of the Club, prepare and submit accounts to the Junior Proctors each Michaelmas Term, and ensure that sufficient funds are available for both Varsity matches (men�s and women�s) each year.

League Secretary:

The League Secretary oversees the running of the college leagues (men�s and women�s), Cuppers and Plate, and uni ladder. This will involve contacting College pool captains early in Michaelmas Term each year, and explaining either by email or via the website, the system by which they can enter teams for the leagues. The League Secretary should set the deadline for entry to the Leagues, publish fixtures lists and make them known to the College captains, and periodically record results and update the League tables on the website. In conjunction with the President, it is the duty of the League Secretary to encourage colleges without teams to form teams to enter the leagues. The League Secretary has the final say in any disputes, but may defer to the President if he/she wishes to do so.

3. ii) Emergency amalgamation of positions: In the event of there being an insufficient number of candidates to fill all of the committee positions for the next academic year, the responsibilities of several positions may be combined into a single position. This change must be voted on at the AGM prior to elections to the Committee, and if passed, will only take effect temporarily, for the academic year immediately following that AGM.

4. CUPC membership shall be open to any member of the university who has paid membership subs (the price of which will be set before the start of the academic year by the Junior Treasurer and President). The Club shall not refuse membership on the grounds of race, sexuality, religion or political views. It may, however, expel any member for failure to pay membership fees or behaviour likely to bring the Club into disrepute. Membership will entitle the holder to play for the University in BUSA or Varsity, and vote at the AGM, in the academic year for which membership subs have been paid. Membership will not be required for anyone who wishes to play for a University team in the CAPL, or on the University Singles Ladder; these remain open to any member of the University. Membership subs are annual fees and are payable at any point during the year, but a player must have already paid their subs in order to play in BUSA or Varsity. Reduced subs may be offered to players joining later in the academic year, at the discretion of the President.

5. The Junior Treasurer shall call a meeting when an Annual General Meeting (AGM) is necessary. The AGM of the Club shall be held each year at the end of the Lent Term or at the beginning of the Easter Term at the Committee�s discretion, at which the officers for the forthcoming year shall be elected. The time and the venue of this meeting will be publicized by the Committee at least seven Full Term days beforehand.

6. A Senior Treasurer shall be appointed by the Committee each year to audit the Club�s books. The Senior Treasurer shall be exempt from liability for all debts other than those that he/she has personally authorized in writing.

7. This constitution shall only be amended by a two-thirds majority of all members at an AGM or a meeting specifically called for that purpose for which at least one week�s notice has been given.

8. In the event of the Club folding, any remaining funds shall be returned to the members.

16th June 2006