Cambridge University Pool Club

University Singles Ladder 2007-2008

Results should be emailed to [email protected]
Please include the words "Ladder result" in the subject

The university singles ladder is one of the main tools for varsity selection, as the CUPC President simply doesn't have enough time to come and watch everyone play throughout the year! Invitations to trials for the varsity squad will partly be given out based on results on the ladder throughout the year. Anyone interested in joining the ladder should contact the CUPC League Secretary.

Players occupying the TOP THREE places (highlighted on the ladder below) when the deadline for varsity selection is reached, will automatically qualify for the Varsity team.

Players on ROW THREE automatically qualify for the Varsity Trial.

When the CU Masters is held each year, players in the top 10 positions at the time (i.e. rungs 1, 2, 3, 4) will automatically qualify, with the other 6 spaces in that competition going to wildcard entries.

Current Positions

Rob Hogan
Matt Cullen
Alex Pavlaki
[email protected]
Sam Gibbons
Graham Sills
Paul Thomas
Imran Abbas
Doug Speed

Ryan Anderson
Guido Dacie-Lombardo
George Pender
Mads Gjefsen

Ban Vin Shen
Chris Jenkins
Lorry Carr
Jon Nelson
Joe Fernandes
Josh Dalby
Kate Hillman
Wei Zhang
Ed Coward
Laurence Shaw
Luke Gleave
Pete Atkinson
Praful Ravi
Dunstan Barnes
Abbas Ameli
John Elmer
Yi Li
Ralph Morgan
Stuart Mathys
Chris Wright
Matt Scott
Andrew Narapragasan
John Hughes
Ja Yue
Christoph Krueger
Matt Burder
Vasily Gribkov
Ben Bowie
Richard Murrell
Matt English
David Brett

John Walker
Tom Waddoups
Ben Roberts
Alex Wray
Ed Wilcock
Adam Southgate
Luke Bennet

Rules of the Ladder

  1. You may challenge any player up to 2 levels above you. If your challenge is successful then you and the other player will swap places directly on the ladder. If you are on the top 5 rows you may only challenge a player who is 1 row above you.
  2. All challenges must be answered within 5 days and played within 10 days from the date the original challenge was made or else a walkover could be given.
  3. 5 points are given for a win, 0 points for a loss
  4. Up to +5 or -5 points are given for frame difference in any one match, i.e. a 6-4 win gives the victor +2 for frame difference, but a 6-0 win gives +5, not +6.
  5. Once the deadline for varsity selection is announced challenges should be answered within 2 days and played within 4 days. At the deadline, if there are any outstanding challenges then they must be played.
  6. Only one on going challenge at a time please - you are not allowed to challenge the entire row above you and play whoever responds first nor are you allowed to stack up challenges i.e. you may not organise future conditional challenges based upon the outcome of a match your playing e.g. "if I beat X I shotgun a challenge on Y who is 2 rows above x" nor should you stack up a list of people who wish to challenge you.
  7. You are not officially involved in a challenge with someone above you until they email back confirming your challenge and that they are free to play you. (This is not a license for people who are challenged to ignore challenges). If whilst waiting for a reply from someone you've challenged you receive a challenge from below then that challenge stands and you must play it even if it turns out that the person you originally challenged is free.
  8. Any suspected foul play when it comes to accepting and making challenges should be reported to the League Secretary immediately who will ask to see the relevant emails with their date and time stamps before making a decision.
  9. Possible penalties for ignoring challenges:
    1. Forced to play the ignored challenge and temporarily barred from challenging up.
    2. Moved to the bottom of the ladder
    3. Permanent removal from the ladder for the season
    4. Barred from varsity selection.
    The latter two are for continued abuse of the system.
  10. If the League Secretary feels that a player is ignoring or delaying challenges from below in favour of making their own challenges up the ladder they may temporarily prevent that player from challenging up and require they accept a certain amount of challenges from below. The number deemed appropriate will be based upon that player's position on the ladder and the number of challenges they have made and received.
  11. A match should be played over at least 5 frames, more is better, but you should agree between yourselves.
  12. Challenges to the top 4 rungs must be over at least 9 frames.
  13. The table played on should preferably be decided on by yourselves, but if you can't agree then the player who was challenged (is highest) has the final say.
  14. All results should be e-mailed to [email protected] ASAP so that the ladder can be updated. It is down to the winner to send the result in.
  15. The top 3 players on the ladder automatically qualify for the varsity team. Players on row 3 automatically qualify for the varsity team trial. Selection of other players for the varsity teams and or the varsity trial is the complete discretion of the varsity team captains.
  16. There must be at least a 1 week wait after losing a match before the player that beat you is obliged to grant you a rematch (they can if they wish, subject to rules 6 and 7 of course).
  17. All matches are to be played to World Rules.
  18. Any player who fails to show up within 30 minutes of the agreed time shall forfeit the match.
  19. Walkovers shall be given as a 5-4 victory (i.e. +1 frame difference for the purposes of the stats table, with 5 for the win as well).
  20. Claims for a walkover must be made by at most 3 days after the 10 day time limit for playing matches has expired.


Name P W L F A Pts Matt Cullen 10-4 Imran Abbas
Vasily Gribkov w/o Adam Southgate
Matt Scott 5-2 Ban Vin Shen
Graham Sills 8-6 Guido Dacie-Lombardo
Lee Mager 5-4 Josh Dalby
Kate Hillman 7-5 Luke Gleave
Imran Abbas 10-8 Matt Cullen
Alex Pavlaki 12-7 Imran Abbas
Lee Mager 8-5 Doug Speed
Graham Sills 10-7 Lee Mager
Dunstan Barnes 7-3 Matt Scot
Chris Jenkins 7-0 Kate Hillman
Mads Gjefsen 3-2 Praful Ravi
Alex Pavlaki 12-5 Graham Sills
Joe Fernandes 6-2 Abbas Ameli
Alex Pavlaki 10-4 Matt Cullen (Friendly)
Imran Abbas 10-9 Lee Mager
Lee Mager 10-8 Graham Sills
Rob Hogan 10-2 Rob Allen
Rob Allen 12-11 Alex Pavlaki (Friendly)
Matt Cullen 20-9 Lee Mager
Guido Dacie-Lombardo 8-2 Chris Jenkins
Lorry Carr 5-4 Abbas Ameli
Josh Dalby 5-0 Ban Vin Shen
Ryan Anderson 8-2 Rob Allen
Rob Hogan 15-8 Lee Mager
Alex Pavlaki 12-7 Imran Abbas
Matt Cullen 16-10 Lee Mager (Friendly)
Lee Mager 11-9 Imran Abbas (Friendly)
Rob Allen 16-6 Lee Mager
Lorry Carr w/o Dunstan Barnes
Matt Cullen 15-13 Rob Hogan
Graham Sills 10-9 Imran Abbas
Alex Pavlaki 15-5 Lee Mager (Friendly)
Ban Vin Shen 5-3 Andrew Narapragasan
Rob Allen 6-3 Graham Sills (Friendly)
Lee Mager 8-7 Chris Jenkins
Rob Hogan 9-7 Graham Sills
Rob Allen 12-4 Guido Dacie-Lombardo
Alex Pavlaki 12-8 Matt Cullen
Rob Allen 12-9 Matt Cullen
Lee Mager 10-7 Imran Abbas
John Nelson 5-4 Matt Scott
Matt Cullen 13-10 Rob Hogan
Lee Mager 12-6 Mads Gjefsen
Mads Gjefsen 12-9 Luke Gleave (Friendly)
Alex Pavlaki 15-11 Rob Allen
Imran Abbas 10-6 Lee Mager
Rob Allen 15-4 Mads Gjefsen (Friendly)
Mads Gjefsen 5-1 Rob Allen (Friendly)
Alex Pavlaki 12-10 Rob Allen
Alex Pavlaki 15-7 Matt Cullen
Lee Mager 8-7 Mads Gjefsen
Lee Mager 5-3 Rob Allen (Friendly)
Lee Mager 12-11 Mads Gjefsen
Lee Mager 15-11 Rob Allen (Friendly)
Graham Sills 10-5 Lee Mager
Lee Mager 12-5 Mads Gjefsen
Rob Hogan 12-8 Lee Mager
Matt Cullen 12-10 Graham Sills
Lee Mager 12-11 Paul Thomas
Rob Hogan 15-12 Matt Cullen
Mads Gjefsen 7-6 Josh Dalby
Lee Mager 12-9 Mads Gjefsen
Sam Gibbons 6-5 Luke Gleave
Sam Gibbons 5-4 Jon Nelson (Friendly)
Graham Sills 15-12 Matt Cullen (Friendly)
Lee Mager 10-3 Paul Thomas
Imran Abbas 7-5 Lee Mager
Lee Mager 7-6 Rob Hogan (Friendly)
Lee Mager 10-5 Mads Gjefsen
Mads Gjefsen 10-5 Lee Mager
Lorry Carr 7-6 Jon Nelson
Sam Gibbons 13-4 Lorry Carr
Rob Hogan 15-10 Alex Pavlaki
Lee Mager 12-3 Mads Gjefsen (Friendly)
Lee Mager 7-2 Mads Gjefsen (Friendly)
Doug Speed 9-5 Lee Mager
Paul Thomas 8-5 Guido Dacie-Lombardo
Jon Nelson 6-3 George Pender
Guido Dacie-Lombardo 8-2 George Pender
Rob Allen 12-7 Graham Sills
Lee Mager 10-3 Paul Thomas
Matt Cullen 7-1 Lee Mager
Mads Gjefsen 10-3 Lorry Carr
Rob Allen 15-13 Rob Hogan
Doug Speed 9-5 Sam Gibbons
Ban Vin Shen w/o Pete Atkinson
Matt Cullen 10-6 Mads Gjefsen
Lee Mager 10-7 Chris Jenkins
Alex Pavlaki 15-5 Graham Sills
Doug Speed 10-7 Imran Abbas
Lee Mager 10-3 Jon Nelson
Lee Mager 5-2 Ban Vin Shen
Lee Mager 9-1 Mads Gjefsen (Friendly)
Lee Mager 9-1 Mads Gjefsen (Friendly)
Mads Gjefsen 8-6 Sam Gibbons
Lee Mager 7-5 Rob Hogan (Friendly)
Mads Gjefsen 8-1 Ban Vin Shen
Graham Sills 9-2 Mads Gjefsen
Alex Pavlaki 5-1 Mads Gjefsen (Friendly)
Lee Mager 7-4 Rob Allen (Friendly)
Lee Mager 8-6 Sam Gibbons
Lee Mager 10-2 Chris Jenkins
Matt Cullen 15-13 Rob Hogan
Alex Pavlaki 15-6 Rob Allen
Matt Cullen 8-3 Doug Speed
Ryan Anderson 7-2 Ban Vin Shen
Imran Abbas 9-3 Ban Vin Shen
Sam Gibbons 10-7 Mads Gjefsen
Wei Zhang w/o Christoph Krueger
Sam Gibbons 7-0 Mads Gjefsen
Graham Sills 8-4 Sam Gibbons
George Pender 5-4 Jon Nelson
Doug Speed 9-4 Lee Mager
Luke Gleave 5-4 Stuart Mathys
Rob Hogan 8-4 Sam Gibbons
Alex Pavlaki 10-5 Doug Speed (Friendly)
Matt Cullen 10-5 Rob Hogan
Lee Mager 11-9 Graham Sills
Matt Cullen 8-3 Lee Mager
Lee Mager 9-6 Imran Abbas
Rob Hogan 12-5 Matt Cullen
Lee Mager 15-13 Sam Gibbons
Rob Hogan 10-7 Lee Mager
Alex Pavlaki 7-3 Mads Gjefsen
Alex Pavlaki 15-10 Rob Hogan
Doug Speed w/o Rob Allen
Lee Mager 15-13 Rob Allen (Friendly)
Lee Mager 10-5 Doug Speed
Lee Mager 12-10 Matt Cullen
Sam Gibbons 10-6 Doug Speed
Lee Mager 11-10 Sam Gibbons (Friendly)
Alex Pavlaki 15-6 Lee Mager
Doug Speed 10-8 Graham Sills
Paul Thomas 15-13 Lee Mager (Friendly)
Doug Speed 10-9 Paul Thomas
Lee Mager 14-13 Paul Thomas (Friendly)
Graham Sills 9-6 Doug Speed
Graham Sills 12-9 Lee Mager
Alex Pavlaki 15-11 Paul Thomas (Friendly)
Alex Pavlaki 15-6 Graham Sills
Sam Gibbons 8-1 Doug Speed
Rob Hogan 10-6 Sam Gibbons
Alex Pavlaki 15-9 Matt Cullen (Friendly)
Matt Cullen 15-13 Rob Hogan
Rob Hogan 8-3 Graham Sills
Rob Hogan 15-1 Paul Thomas
Paul Thomas 10-7 Matt Cullen
Alex Pavlaki 15-5 Paul Thomas
Alex Pavlaki 15-6 Rob Hogan
Rob Hogan 8-4 Sam Gibbons
Rob Hogan 15-9 Alex Pavlaki
Rob Hogan 21-15 Alex Pavlaki
Matt Cullen 10-8 Paul Thomas
Rob Hogan 15-8 Alex Pavlaki
Lee Mager (removed)573720499471215
Alex Pavlaki26215325215181
Rob Hogan261610292236120
Matt Cullen25141126024682
Graham Sills2091116218036
Rob Allen (removed)1981116716932
Sam Gibbons167911711232
Doug Speed14779310525
Ryan Anderson22015420
Imran Abbas135810211512
Guido Dacie-Lombardo523313210
Joe Fernandes110629
Lorry Carr53224378
Josh Dalby31215128
Dunstan Barnes2111188
Jon Nelson62428346
Vasily Gribkov110546
Wei Zhang110546
Matt Scott31212143
Kate Hillman2117122
Luke Gleave41324290
Alex Wray000000
Ben Bowie000000
Ben Roberts000000
Chris Wright000000
David Brett000000
Ed Coward000000
Ed Wilcock000000
Ja Yue000000
John Elmer000000
John Hughes000000
John Walker000000
Laurence Shaw000000
Luke Bennett000000
Matt Burder000000
Matt English000000
Ralph Morgan000000
Richard Murrell000000
Tom Waddoups000000
Yi Li000000
Adam Southgate10145-1
Christoph Krueger10145-1
Pete Atkinson10145-1
Stuart Mathys10145-1
Praful Ravi10123-1
George Pender3121018-2
Andrew Nanapragasam10135-2
Mads Gjefsen25817136199-4
Chris Jenkins5142536-4
Abbas Ameli202611-5
Paul Thomas123997136-6
Vin Shen Ban8262046-13