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Posted by Graham Sills 
October 17, 2008 10:37AM
Good start for Uni A. 8-4 against the Moon B to repay them for the same scoreline in reverse last spring.

How did the Bs get on?
October 20, 2008 01:03AM
We lost 8-4, sad smiley

It was partly due to us not playing at our best for some of the games, not making the most of chances and as always a bit of bad luck. They won three games on doubled/tripled blacks and the end score was 8-4. Shame to have such a bad start to the season but it is a completely new team and I'm sure the new players will improve quickly. Golden Hind were a very good team though. Hopefully we will do better back at CSC.
October 24, 2008 11:04AM
Poor performance all round from us yesterday. Got screwed by the really poor standard table in about 4 frames and lost 8-4. Don't like losing... hot smiley

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October 30, 2008 05:58PM
We drew 6-6 last Thursday which was quite disappointing since we were 5-1 ahead at the midpoint, and seemed to be the stronger team. Hopefully tonight will go better for us in the second half (and equally well in the first half)!
October 31, 2008 09:03AM
At last, we finally won a match! We did it in the most unclean of fashions ever, but we still managed to win it in the end 7-5. After the first 6 frames we were 5-1 down, but then we all managed to pull it together in the final six to win the match. Well done to everyone for managing to play a good frame each under pressure! The last one was so tense even watching, so playing in it must have been incredibly nerve-racking!

How did the As do smiling smiley ?
November 01, 2008 12:29AM
Cheers for the report Chris, I hadn't heard the result. Brilliant work to pull out a win from 5-1 down.

Our match against the White Lion was tight all the way through (level at 1, 2, 4 and 5 frames each) but we eventually won the last two for a 7-5 victory. We missed a few chances to pull away earlier but all in all I think we can be happy with two points against a quality team.
November 01, 2008 08:57PM
It was my first B team game on Thursday and I must say I was impressed with the character of the team. For everyone to win their second game, particularly after some dreadful luck (Luke and Chris most notably) in their first matches showed real nerve. It was just a good job that their captain was bladdered by the time he had to play the final game really.
November 02, 2008 12:54PM
That sounds epic, great work guys. With this rate of improvement, next week should be a thumping win!

I was pleased with our win on thursday. It was probably the strongest team we had yet faced and we won some big frames. I think we were a bit unlucky not to have a bigger win, since Chris and Paul both deserved to win their second frames. Looking for another win against Teversham this week before we have to play the big boys.
November 07, 2008 12:02AM
We won 7-5 tonight. We were 4-2 up at the break then 6-3 up, but they managed to pull it back to 6-5. Nice work by our captain to pull through under pressure and win it for us. Well played everyone smiling smiley . How did the As do?
November 07, 2008 12:58AM
8-2 win on the ladder and a continuation of of my 100% CAPL record. It was all looking perfect for me until that little 5 frame incident after me and Chris had finished our work for the night against Bar Hill...
November 07, 2008 11:21AM
Well played again guys. Good to see you starting to get the results you deserve. Keep it up grinning smiley

The A's had an absolute nightmare against Tev Con A. We were 6-0 down at half time after being ahead in most of the frames, losing them either through mistakes or just bad luck. I still felt we had a chance to get the draw but at 6-2 down I went in off a double kissed yellow when potting the black to give them the win. It ended up 9-3. Definitely a missed opportunity for points and a pretty embarrasing scoreline, but it's still early in the leagues and I'm still looking forward to the Moon A match next time.
November 08, 2008 10:41PM
Unlucky, Rob sad smiley ...

Laurence Shaw
8-2 win on the ladder and a continuation of of my 100% CAPL record. It was all looking perfect for me until that little 5 frame incident after me and Chris had finished our work for the night against Bar Hill...

If only I could play like that in proper matches tongue sticking out smiley , I suck under pressure...

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November 21, 2008 02:25PM
Good 9-3 win last night. To be fair 2 of the KSR players were a joke (I played both grinning smiley) but Tom, Chris and Luke B were on fire. I hear the A's drew with Moon (A). Excellent result. Hopefully we can both go on a bit of a roll now.

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November 21, 2008 07:00PM
yeah - dead chuffed with our draw against the moon. first team to take points off them this season.

well done the Bs. keep it up
November 27, 2008 11:51PM
Another win for uni. B tonight, we won 8-4 vs King's Head. *Pokes Laurence* You're too good for this division, with your 100% record and all smileys with beer !
November 28, 2008 08:50AM
Was another enjoyable night for the B's. And as Chris says, extra well done to Laurence who is on 8/8. We are strong and consistent as a team now so we are really scaring many of the teams in the league now. :-)
November 28, 2008 10:01AM
Good stuff guys. That loss at the beginning of the season is definitely looking like an anomaly now. Keep up the good work.

Unfortunately I won two thirds of our frames last night sad smiley After a very good couple of games against the top teams in the division, we still seem to be unable to beat the weaker teams away.
November 28, 2008 01:07PM
And no luck involved either tongue sticking out smiley

Seriously though well done lads, we really are on a roll at the moment and I thought we did very well indeed last noght given all the circumstances. Unlucky to the As, but keep plugging away. You've already showed you can take on anyone in that division. Well done on winning both frames though Graham.
December 07, 2008 11:17PM
Nice to see both Uni teams safely through to the last 16. Keep up the good work....
December 13, 2008 08:20PM
Another win for the Uni-B team, a narrow 7-5 win over CWMC B. We probably should have won by more but I was playing some shockingly bad pool sad smiley
December 14, 2008 05:57PM
However badly Luke played, I surely won the muppet award. Who cares though. We won again spinning smiley sticking its tongue out White Lion are going down in the cup!
December 15, 2008 10:56PM
Good win again guys - muppetry or not . Good work getting a team out at this time of the year too - who else played? Do you all live in Cambridge?
December 16, 2008 01:46PM
Me, both Lukes, Lorry, Tom, Mike and James were all around (Mike didn't play). I know some people live in Cambridge but in my case I stayed on for a week (and am coming back a week early) so I can crack on with CATAM. It has worked out well though I must admit. Only had to rearrange one match.
January 16, 2009 09:01AM
I hear that the Uni B team have taken their winning record up to something like 10 wins in a row... this is great form to take into your cup match against the White Lion who are very beatable.

How did the match pan out, if anyone has time then send me a full match analysis. grinning smiley

I expect to hear about lots of flair from the match, especially with the inclusion of Tim "The Cannon" Henshaw in the starting line-up! smiling smiley
January 16, 2009 05:46PM
Tim beat Dan Nunn who is top of the hotshots to set us off to a good start. We never went behind and from the 5th game on always had a 1 or 2 frame lead.

Key frames were both of Tom's (who played brilliantly), James' first frame where his opponent potted the black straight after the break and my second frame to put us 5-3 up which they weren't too happy with (I did get lucky but not as unlucky as I'd been in the first frame i played). Finally Lorry missed a black to win the match (which definitely rolled away because it was going right in the middle of the pocket) but James held his nerve in the final frame.

Very good victory over a side who had clearly built up last night as a must win game for themselves. grinning smiley

(My diplomacy is excellent tongue sticking out smiley)
January 16, 2009 06:17PM
Keep it up Uni B. I tune in to the CAPL forums every Friday to check out the results and you've always won smiling smiley

I shall likely be visiting Cam in the week beginning Feb 2nd, so if either team fancies letting me have a frame or 2 on that Thursday night that would be really cool smiling bouncing smiley
January 17, 2009 04:06PM
You are welcome to join the Uni-B team for thr 5th of Feb match against Bar Hill-B, one of the better teams in our league.
January 17, 2009 06:18PM
God not if it's away... bloody miles! Which ever team is at CSC i shall play for smiling smiley
January 17, 2009 09:50PM
Back off Luke winking smiley. He's ours.

We've got our home match to Tev Con (aka Romsey Lab) who beat us 9-3 at their place last time. I'm sure I can squeeze you in (in fact the way I've played this season you're welcome to my spot).
December 01, 2009 08:11PM
I wonder what'll happen if I try to restart the tradition of using this forum to report CAPL matches...!
Great win for the As last week - beat the workies 7-5. We were 5-1 and 6-3 up but struggled over the line from 6-5.
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